About Me


First things first, Knarie is pronounced as (Kay-Na-Ree). If I had a dollar for how many times people have asked me how to pronounce it, I would probably be a millionaire!


Let’s proceed.


Hey there! I am Kristy and I am a lifestyle blogger, an amazing wife and a lovely friend. On a day to day basis, you can catch me either at work, in a park either walking around or somewhat working out, or in Target (shamelessly). I really enjoy being around people, and I live to motivate others to accomplish their goals, live their dreams, and follow their passions!


fullsizeoutput_28ce The beginning of my journey started years back when I decided that I wanted to move to Los Angeles. I did not know what for, or how I would get here, but I always put it up in my room that I would move to LA. After I graduated from college, I knew that I had to make the move, so I worked for about two years in Sacramento, got married and moved to Southern CA. It was a very quick move for a lot of family and friends, however my husband and I knew that we had to move to SoCal in order to accomplish our dreams and goals.

Since we have been in LA, things have no doubt been tough, however I would not trade a minute of my struggle with my complacency of living in Sacramento not pursuing my dreams. I invite you to come along with me on this journey, and just learn and grow aas I learn and go. Iam a big advocate of positivity and having the right energy and meditation. So mediate with me, manifest your dreams and never give up. You have a purpose, a passion and you were placed on this earth to pursue it! Life is amazing, and I want you to find that joy in yourself, and to be truly happy. That is one of my goals for this blog. Some other goals that I have for this blog are to promote events, merchandise and just general positive conversation. There will also be some lessons learned on this blog as well.

Now that you are here, please feel free to watch my videos (coming soon), read my blogs, and share the website with your friends!

So if you’re ready to start living your life to the fullest, take chances and reap the rewards and lessons, subscribe, follow me at





Hope to see you all soon!